Promoting Mass, Defending the Faith

Dennis  has attended Mass all over the world, including in communist China.  

I am a lifelong Roman Catholic with 17 years of formal Catholic Education. St. Francis of Assisi grade school with The Sisters of Saint Joseph, Saint Joseph’s Prep with the Jesuits, and Villanova with the Augustinians. Choir boy, Altar boy, lastly an Usher.

My religion is always  important to me. I am an avid traveler having visited all fifty states and thirty-eight foreign countries. I have also lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa. No matter where I went, I attended Mass.

Visiting my cousin in Hungary, Mass in the church where my relatives have been baptized for the past 600 years, and my grandnephew is an altar boy, was profound. To my delight, no matter the state or country, the Mass was the Mass I knew. I attended Mass in Communist China, jammed with people, even outside the doors and windows, yearning for the word of God. Mass in Vietnamese, Mass in the  Philippines in a partially built church, because that was all they could afford, only a roof, no walls, cement floor, tiles on the side awaiting donations to complete the church. In Iowa, the Mass for eight Parishes was conducted by four Priests who would say Mass, then drive fifty miles to the next church to say another Mass.

For the past 17 years, I have been a member of St. Robert’s. Wanting to take part in a meaningful way, I joined the Knights of Columbus. With the Knights I have been able to continue contributing to the church. The Pretzels after Mass was my idea to raise money and enhance parish participation.

The Knights are defenders of our Faith and supporters of our Parish adding activities like the Oktoberfest, or The Comedy Night.

I invite all Catholic men, eighteen and older to consider becoming a Knight to enhance their involvement in our Faith. To join or find out more, talk to any of us.