From Fighter Pilot to Faith Pilot

Jeff found God’s way was more fulfilling than what the world was offering.

Well, I’ll tell my story and let you decide.  It was 1997 and I was an Air Force fighter pilot (yes, one of those “TOP GUN” types) and I had just joined a new unit, which meant I needed to become one of the boys.  Don’t get me wrong, I was living my faith as best I could, going to Mass, kids in Catholic school, but I was wrapped up in the world’s way of life a lot more than I should have been.

Another pilot, Rich, who also went to church with me, was living his faith much better than I and I took notice.  Over a few months, between Rich and Gary (our house painter) I was asked to join the Knights.

I had always known that my priorities were God, then family, then work; but when I joined the Knights I discovered a whole new world of faith and family that really didn’t impact work except to make it better.  Being with Catholic men of my parish, from all walks of life, including other pilots, really showed me how to be a better Catholic, a better husband/father, better co-worker, and a better man.

Fish Fry’s, pretzels, gardening, raising money for Special Olympics, WE, the Knights, improve not only ourselves, but also our community.  I’ve continued that journey now at Saint Robert’s.

So what’s the commitment?  It’s easy, you jump in when you can.  It’s an hour or so meeting a month, and helping when you can.  The Knights are here to make all of us better men, better Catholics and as my family will tell you better husbands and fathers.

To  join or find out more, talk to any one of us.