A Calling to Serve God’s People

Jim was looking for opportunities to share his time and talents with those in need.

Raised in an Irish-Italian family and growing up living with my maternal grandparents who emigrated from Italy, my being raised Catholic was pretty much a given.  Bibles, rosaries, crucifixes, images of Christ, prayer books (many in Italian) and other Catholic artifacts were as much a part of our home décor as were curtains and blinds.  Throughout my childhood and early adult life, I never lost my faith.  However, it waxed and waned in relation to other “important” life activities and events.

Married to a wonderful woman for the past 41+ years, we raised three children.  Especially in those early years, it was easy to get caught up in the trappings of daily life.  Through all the distractions, however, there was always this nagging thought; I should be doing more to deepen my relationship with God and to serve His people. 

As the kids got older, I started making time to pray.  I tried to slow down and appreciate the daily grace God bestows on me.  I worked on being a better person – more patient, more caring, and more faithful.  I wanted to be a better Catholic.  But I still felt like I should be doing more.  I wanted to serve those in need.

The Knights of Columbus was an opportunity to formalize my commitment to my faith and to service.  We not only raise money to support Catholic causes, we also devote our time and talents to helping others through programs like Coats for Kids and Unbound.  I work alongside faithful Catholic men serving the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our parish and our community. We are “In service to One.  In service to all.”

Our council comprises men who courageously display their commitment to God’s work despite the obstacles that society places in front of them. Their example has inspired me to continue my faith journey more intentionally and outwardly.

If my story resonates with you, please talk to me to learn more about our mission, our work, and our fraternity.  If it doesn’t, there is most certainly someone in our Council whose story will.  Your commitment level is entirely up to you.  We would welcome whatever time and talents you can provide.